Is Your Tone Reflective of the Personas You’re Targeting?

Based on the individual we’re interacting with, the message we’re looking to deliver, we all adjust our tone to reflect the situation we’re in. We do this inadvertently in everyday life, but are you properly adjusting your tone as you write your sales campaigns?

How to Increase Sales in a Post-COVID World

The world was forced to adapt their pre-COVID approaches to address how people work and how businesses can operate. This is especially true for sales departments. As you navigate these new waters, there are some pitfalls you should avoid and steps to take to help you win more sales post-COVID.

Sales Engagement Platforms – Who Writes your Emails?

While you can’t outsource all aspects of your business such as managing your current staff, and you know that every customer requires some personal attention, you can indeed hire someone else to write your sales pitches.

Are Persona-Based Sales Campaigns Still Relevant?

Brands are increasingly turning to persona-based selling strategies. Persona-based selling allows you to create your sales message to your buyer personas and customers. Uncovering how the two are synced is critical when you sell to different personas within one organization.