We are REGIE

Your one-stop shop for sales enablement

At REGIE, we are obsessed with helping sales teams win more.

The evolution of modern selling replaces habits and bias with evidence and insights to make informed decisions. REGIE redefines and modernizes sales enablement by fusing the intersection of the modern seller: training/methodology, workflow/campaign creation and the integration of your preferred tech stack.

REGIE builds your sales campaigns, consolidates training, and gains insights on performance. Whether you are new to sales engagement and want to get going fast or an old pro that would rather spend your time more productively; let REGIE save you time and sell more!

Meet Our Team

Matt Millen | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Millen is the CEO at REGIE.io and has 33 years of experience in technology sales, sales leadership, and building and scaling high-performing revenue teams. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President of Revenue at Outreach where he was instrumental in driving sales from $5M to $50M ARR in 2.5 years.

He also boasts experience in leading teams as large as 1,200 exceptional individuals and building teams up from 0, with a P&L responsibility of $2B in top-line revenue. Millen is a recognized industry leader, keynote speaker, and featured podcast guest on many sales leadership podcasts.

When not spending time with his family; Matt likes fast cars, slow boat rides and roller-coasters.

Dani Koesterich | VP of Engineering

Dani leads our engineering efforts and brings 20 years of experience developing & deploying web applications of all kinds and sizes. He has worked across many industries, in both B2B and B2C settings, and has spearheaded over 100 projects from zero to go-to-market.

Dani dreams in the cloud, both figuratively and literally, and actualizes his dreams with code and architecture. When not obsessing over technology, Dani can be found listening to & writing music, exercising and spending time with friends and family.

James Reichmuth | SVP of Customer Operations

James is a creative and process guru, a rare combo. He helped countless companies to improve their lead generation practices through direct consultation, training new consultants, and building repeatable processes.

James is putting his vast skills into helping REGIE customers win. James is dedicated to ensuring our customers have everything they need to get the most from REGIE. In his spare time (that’s a thing?), James works on films, serving as a board member for local organizations, and enjoys devouring the next great book.

Evan Hales | Account Executive

Evan is our Value Generating MACHINE! He is always looking to bring the most value to our customers and cares deeply about helping them solve their problems using REGIE. He has an incredible eye toward building processes paired with insightful data analysis. Evan brings a diverse set of skills and experience to our team from great companies like LuluLemon, Zillow & Outreach.io

Our Values

Smart hustle

Be productive, not busy


We choose to care about our team, our customers and our communities

Make a way

If there’s a problem, create the solution

Know where
we stand

Open, honest feedback with clear visibility to the metrics

We got your back

We are all here to support you

Solve for the

Know their goals, aspirations and how we help them achieve more

Playful Enthusiasm

Everyone is here to have fun, no excuses. If you think the fun is missing, be the first add it in!

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